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COVID-19 &

COVID-19 &

Thank you for choosing Vedic Juices to maintain a healthy lifestyle during these turbulent times. As soon as we received word of the challenges being presented to us not only as individuals but as a company our first thought went into - How can we assure our customers that we are taking every step necessary to ensure our products are keeping up with the concerns of the consumers.


To this regard, we worked immediately with our manufacturing operations to take all steps necessary to not only continue manufacturing our products with the utmost care but take additional steps to ensure the safety and quality of our products.


Below are some of the steps we have voluntarily taken to ensure you can enjoy Vedic Juices without any doubts. Below are some additional steps accompanied with images of the processes in action at our facility.


  1. Each employee entering the factory has their Body Temperature checked before admission.
  2. All employees maintain social distancing during working hours. 
  3. Social Distancing is maintained during transportation to work and back.
  4. Sanitizer is distributed to all employees for personal hygiene
  5. Employees have received additional  personal hygiene practice
  6. Additional hand wash practices.  


Additionally records for the following are being maintained to ensure adherence to the rules:
  1. List of Employee for Temperature Mapping
  4. Coronavirus safety Declaration
  5. Task and Responsibilities to Minimize Coronavirus Risk
  6. Employee History Checklist
  7. Daily Hand Sanitization Checklist