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About Sumitra Remedies

About Sumitra Remedies

Sumitra Remedies is a family company - operated by a Father (Mr. Virander Chopra) and Son (Mr. Karan Chopra) team. We have been working on a mission to bring amazing, unique and high quality Herbal supplements to market and generating awareness of the science of Ayurveda in the U.S.
We are doing so with a 3-fold approach:
  1. Consulting companies overseas on strategic thinking, labeling, packaging and export of their goods to the U.S
  2. Retail of products through our own stores – The Vedic Store – 3 Locations and growing.
  3. Distribution of the products to over 400 retail locations across the U.S


Reach out to us if you are a company interested in marketing your herbal and Ayurvedic inspired products. For us to consider working with you the following criteria must be met:
  1. Ability to adhere to stringent quality standards such as batch wise heavy metal testing
  2. Superior packaging capabilities - your product will need to compete with some of the leaders in the western market so sharp, clean, well designed packaging is a must.
  3. Volume production – ability to scale up quickly is vital. If your product / product range is a good fit in market we would need to work quickly to expand your range to our entire distribution network.
  4. Dedicated team member for the western market to serve as a liaison between your company and meeting our requirements ensuring smooth work flow and successful launch.

Learn more and contact us at