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  1. BB Blood Cleanse

    BB Blood Cleanse

    Blood Cleanse is a blend of five powerful blood purifiers that remove natural toxins from the blood, lymph and liver supporting vibrant, healthy skin. According to Ayurveda, a key component to maintaining healthy skin is regular detoxification of the blood. It is not uncommon for improperly digested food, cellular waste and other toxins to accumulate in the blood. The body naturally seeks to rid itself of these toxins through the GI tract, urine and sweat. Pitta-related skin irritations and imbalances are often an indication that the system has become overloaded. Blood Cleanse helps the body detoxify with herbs that purify the blood and encourage elimination by way of the GI tract. These herbs also work to remove excess pitta and to support the skin's natural healing process.* Learn More
  2. BB Joint Support

    BB Joint Support

    According to Ayurveda, accumulation of natural toxins in the joints can lead to discomfort and inhibit their proper functioning. The main ingredients in Joint Support, guggulu and boswellia, have been used for hundreds of years to support joint health. These herbs are deeply-penetrating resins that detoxify, lubricate and soothe the joint tissues. Joint Support also contains nourishing, antioxidant-rich herbs that help rejuvenate the bones, cartilage and muscles.* Learn More
  3. BB Para Cleanse

    BB Para Cleanse

    Para Cleanse is a powerful cleansing formula used to maintain a healthy digestive environment. Containing bitter and pungent herbs, it deeply cleanses and detoxifies the GI tract. Para Cleanse also helps support healthy digestion and intestinal immunity when traveling abroad.* Learn More
  4. Divya Hridayamrit Vati 80 tab

    Divya Hridayamrit Vati 80 tab

    Divya Hridayamrita Vati is a herbal preparation helpful in strengtheing the heart and general heart related problems Learn More
  5. HM Arjuna

    HM Arjuna 60 Caps

    Cardiac and Blood Pressure Support Supports the normal oxygenation of heart muscles, important to fortify a normal heart rate. Supports normal blood pressure already within normal limits, linked with longevity and overall wellness. Considered by many to be the most significant cardiovascular tonic in herbal history with thousands of years of safe, effective use. Learn More
  6. HM Bacopa

    HM Bacopa 60 Caps

    Mental Alertness, Memory and Mood Supports mood, memory, focus, and attention span. Promotes learning and problem-solving abilities. Promotes alert daytime learning by calming the preoccupied mind. Learn More
  7. Hm Bitter Melon

    HM Bitter Melon Cap.

    Bitter melon contains a unique plant compound called polypeptide-P, which part of your diet supports blood sugar levels already within the normal range in the body. By supporting the balance of normal blood sugar already within the normal range, Bitter Melon supports several tissues including the kidneys, eyes, and peripheral nervous tissues. Also promotes the normal metabolism of fats and natural cholesterol counts already within normal limits. For normal blood sugar level already within the normal range and normal pancreatic health, Bitter Melon is a time-honored choice of herbs. Safe for long-term use.* Learn More
  8. HM DiarCare

    HM DiarCare 120 Caps

    DiarCare provides consistent, dependable bowel movements without stress or strain, and encourages vitality and wellness through the release of bile, which is an important step in detoxification. This ground-breaking synergistic formula includes Bael Fruit, a plant known for its tannins that calm and restore the intestinal lining and promote overall GI health. It also has astringent herbs that promote wellness and strength to the tissues of the intestines for consistent and dependable digestion. For travel or exotic meals, regular or situational digestive support, use DiarCare. It's non habit-forming.* Learn More
  9. HM Garlic

    HM Garlic 60 Cap

    Has 3000 mcg of allicin per each two caplet serving One of the most versatile plants in herbalism, used throughout history as a tonic for the entire body Has key plant compounds that support immune efforts in the heart, blood, and GI system Supports normal cholesterol levels already within normal limits and already normal elasticity of the arteries Learn More
  10. HM GastriCare

    HM Gastricare 60 Cap.

    For comfortable digestion you can depend on, GastriCare combines time-tested digestive defenders such as Ginger and Triphala with calming and supportive herbs like Mint and Papaya to provide a multi-faceted approach to digestive wellness. Papaya has the proteolytic digestive enzyme papain to support proper digestion of proteins, while Ginger and Triphala traditionally support normal digestive response. If you eat on the run, chew too fast, eat under stressful conditions, or otherwise need to support the body's normal response to occasional digestive discomfort, try GastriCare. Safe for long-term use.* Learn More
  11. HM GlucoCare

    HM Glucocare 90 Cap.

    GlucoCare provides support to the pancreas, supports lipid metabolism and digestion to increase nutrient availability, and helps reduce impact of stress in the body. GlucoCare includes Gymnema, history's 'sugar destroyer,' clinically shown to temporarily reduce the ability of the intestines to absorb sugar from your diet. Other key ingredients include important adaptogenic herbs such as Holy Basil and Turmeric to reduce the impact of stress. Bitter Melon has polypeptide-p, which provides support to normal blood sugar levels already within the normal range, and Guggul supports normal lipid metabolism and cholesterol production already within the normal range. Nervous eaters, sugar cravers, and those who want to support blood sugar levels already within the normal range will benefit from GlucoCare. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  12. Hm Gokshura

    HM Gokshura 60 Caps

    Gokshura is a mild diuretic traditionally used to promote urinary tract health. It promotes the flow of urine, cools and soothes the membranes of the urinary tract.* Learn More
  13. HM HeartCare

    HM HeartCare 120 Caps

    HeartCare includes clinically documented adaptogenic herbs such as Saffron, Ashwagandha, and Holy Basil that tonify the adrenal glands and reduce the impact of stress on the body and mind. With Amla, an important plant food that has been clinically shown to support normal cholesterol levels including low-density lipoprotein (LDL), triglycerides, and phospholipids, already within normal limits all important blood markers for cardiovascular wellness. If you're interested in supporting normal heart function, circulation, blood pressure, cholesterol both already within the normal range and lipid levels simultaneously, look for the all-in-one, proven support of HeartCare. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  14. HM HemoCare

    HM HemoCare

    HemoCare reinforces the body's natural waste removal efforts in the liver and antioxidant support to the tissues. HemoCare also supports the body's normal release of bile, which is an integral part of the detoxification process. And HemoCare is used to balance and brighten skin through key immune supporting herbs such as Neem, Turmeric and Triphala. For those who want to assist the body in its own natural elimination of toxins, and support the health of the skin, the body's window on the world, turn to HemoCare for revitalizing skin and blood support. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  15. HM ImmunoCare

    HM Immuno Care 120 Cap

    For regular, situational or seasonal immune system support, there's no better choice than ImmunoCare. ImmunoCare has the much talked-about Amla, or Amalaki fruit, traditionally used in Indian medicine for longevity, proper digestion, and to fortify the immune system. All too often, immune products try to replace immune activity when the real purpose of supplements is to reinforce the body's own wise efforts for long-term wellness. By focusing on herbs that nurture the lymph, spleen, and bone marrow, ImmunoCare nourishes the immune system for long-term, holistic wellness. ImmunoCare supports normal immune activity and balances the body, promoting a state of overall health! Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  16. HM ImmunoCare

    HM Immunocare 240 Cap.

    For regular, situational or seasonal immune system support, there's no better choice than ImmunoCare. ImmunoCare has the much talked-about Amla, or Amalaki fruit, traditionally used in Indian medicine for longevity, proper digestion, and to fortify the immune system. All too often, immune products try to replace immune activity when the real purpose of supplements is to reinforce the body's own wise efforts for long-term wellness. By focusing on herbs that nurture the lymph, spleen, and bone marrow, ImmunoCare nourishes the immune system for long-term, holistic wellness. ImmunoCare supports normal immune activity and balances the body, promoting a state of overall health! Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  17. HM JointCare

    HM JointCare 80 Caps

    For those who need joint support, support for muscle and connective tissue wellness, JointCare supports your body's natural effort to provide normal support and flexibility. JointCare's Boswellic acids support normal glycosaminoglycans function and the normal preservation of cartilage tissue. JointCare also contributes antioxidant support to joint tissues which furthers the immune system's efforts to balance and maintain the body's healthy range of motion. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  18. HM LeanCare

    HM Leancare 120 Cap.

    As part of a healthy weight-loss program including regular exercise and good diet choices, LeanCare is a synergistic formula designed to support people with modest excess weight. Clinically shown to support cholesterol levels already within the normal range, LeanCare also supports overall blood sugar balance already within the normal range, which can help reduce sugar cravings and occasional overeating. LeanCare supports the endocrine system and the thyroid gland, while its combination of Garcinia, Gymnema, Fenugreek, and Guggul promote normal metabolic wellness. For a broad, multi-faceted approach to weight support, look for LeanCare. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  19. HM LIverCare

    HM Liver Care 90 Cap

    Your liver performs close to 500 vital functions every day. LiverCare is a well-researched combination of nourishing herbs that helps detoxify your liver, and supports the liver's normal functioning; including filtering out environmental toxins you are exposed to daily. Further, athletes who specialize in anaerobic sports (e.g. weightlifting) often consume a very high level of protein, adds much work to the liver's tasks. LiverCare is well respected by medical professionals and used worldwide because it works. Remember your liver by remembering LiverCare. Safe for long-term use. Contains no milk thistle; no side effects.* Learn More
  20. HM MenoCare

    HM MenoCare 120 Caps

    Physical and emotional support for menopausal women begins with MenoCare. MenoCare helps women cope with the discomforts and natural stresses placed on the body during menopause. By supporting normal hormone utilization, MenoCare balances the body to provide an overall cooling effect, while acting as a safe, natural nervous system tonic offering gentle, reliable support. Menopausal or perimenopausal women, turn to MenoCare. It's gentle support helps ease an important transition. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  21. HM MenstiCare

    HM Menstricare

    If you need physical and emotional support during your menstrual cycle, MenstriCare is a synergistic formula that is proven effective and will positively impact your life with ongoing use. MenstriCare has been clinically studied to have effectiveness with menstrual cycle support and its associated events. In this well balanced formula, you have Asoka to support the nervous system, Triphala to support detox and digestive wellness, and Shatavari, the foremost female tonic in the entire compendium of Indian medicine. To support overall female hormone balance and utilization during your cycle, try MenstriCare. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  22. HM MindCare

    HM MindCare 60 Caps

    MindCare is the smartest choice on the market today to center the mind and support focus, alertness, and attention. Clinically validated to support the HPA-axis, a major part of the neuroendocrine system MindCare helps support the body's normal levels of stress and hormone production. Sustains the body's efforts to reduce mild memory problems associated with aging, and supports normal circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain to support vitality and liveliness. Learn More
  23. Hm MindCare Jr

    HM MindCare Jr. 120 Caps

    MindCare® Jr. is a proprietary herbal formula which assists a normal brain function in adults and children. In today's lifestyle, individuals take MindCare® to improve occasional absentmindedness and to help with frustration. This formula assists in preserving the normal brain cell function, the antioxidant aspect of the formula, and helps support brain cell integrity. Also available in liquid formula. Learn More
  24. HM Neem

    HM Neem 60 Cap

    With over 135 biologically active components, Neem stands to be the one of the most impressive immune supportive herbs in history. Neem has been successfully used for millennia to support vital immune activity and normal tissue health. It has a long history of use both internally and externally to support normal luster and balance of the skin. In addition, Neem's active principals, gedunin and mahmoodin, have been shown to promote normal intestinal flora and have been linked with effective digestion and the uptake of nutrients. Support the body's natural cleansing mechanisms and normal skin health and appearance with Neem, history's famous "anti-everything" herb. Safe for long-term use.* Learn More
  25. Hm RespiCare

    HM Respicare 120 Cap.

    For regular, seasonal respiratory support, reach for RespiCare. RespiCare supports the mucus membranes in the respiratory tree to promote normal breathing and necessary protection from environmental dust. It helps support immune activity either seasonally or in specific situations through synergistic traditional herbs that support rhythmic balance and the underlying mechanisms linked to normal breathing. If you live in cold climates, near smoke or other environmental pollutants, RespiCare is the right formula for you. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  26. HM Shatavari

    HM Shatavari 60 Cap

    Shatavari is a highly valued herb used as a female tonic. Shatavari contains steroidal-like saponins to support the role of estrogen and progesterone in the body, both necessary hormones for normal reproductive health. Shatavari also supports balance in the endocrine system, which is involved in the production of hormones that play a role in stress-response, mood, and normal adrenal and thyroid function. For women of all ages, Shatavari is nature's first choice. Safe for long-term use.* Learn More
  27. HM StressCare

    HM Stresscare 120 Cap.

    For a calm mind, and vitality and metabolic wellness, nothing will support you better than StressCare. StressCare supports the quick resolution of stress in the body and reinforces recovery from periods of duress and physical exertion. It instantly relaxes the muscles and calms the mind. StressCare promotes a full-night's rest and wakeful mornings and includes the world's most prized adaptogens such as Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, and Turmeric in a synergistic blend to support you in times of physical fatigue and emotional exertion. StressCare offers a world of difference during life's toughest moments—it may be the same situation, but it will be a different you. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  28. HM Triphala

    HM Triphla 60 Cap

    Triphala, or "three fruits," is India's famous combination of Amla, Belleric Myrobalan and Chebulic Myrobalan. When these three fruits are combined, legendary digestive support is born! Triphala's three fruits include numerous health promoting compounds including gallic acid, chebulagic acid, and chebulinic acid which promote normal, stress-free bowel movements without dependency. In addition, Triphala's tissue-specific antioxidants play an important role in digestive wellness. To support your body's own ability to cleanse the intestinal wall and allow normal digestion, try Triphala, the three fruits of India! Safe for long-term use.* Learn More
  29. UriCare

    HM Uricare 120 Cap.

    UriCare supports the normal reflexes of the genitourinary canal. UriCare includes Didymocarpus and Indian Madder which have been shown to promote the normal filtration efforts of the kidneys. It also supports the normal synthesis of uric acid. Not only does it support normal bladder muscle contraction and relaxation, it also supports antioxidant levels in the blood that counter free-radical damage. For clinically effective support of the kidneys and urinary tract, UriCare is safe, effective and synergistically complete. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  30. VeinCare

    HM Veincare 60 Cap.

    VeinCare includes nutritive and tonic herbs such as Guggul and Triphala that support antioxidant levels in the blood and protect tissues from damage. The tannins in Indian Berberry support the normal tightness and strength of veins. Also promotes normal circulation to the legs and and supports normal blood return to the heart. For regular or situational support of the metabolic processes involved in healthy vein structure, turn to VeinCare. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  31. Hm VigorCare Men

    HM VigorCare For Men 60 Caps

    For men requiring regular or situational support for normal sexual desire and libido, VigorCare for Men is the non-hormonal, natural choice. VigorCare for Men supports the normal production of key sex hormones such as testosterone, which are important for arousal, and strengthens the vital force that can provide sustainable and healthy energy levels. It also includes one of the world's rarest and most valued plants, Saffron, in a synergistic blend of adaptogens to reduce fatigue from overwork, physical or emotional exertion, and stress. For men who want to support normal male reproductive function in a supportive and situational daily tonic, VigorCare for Men works. Safe for long term use.* Learn More
  32. Trikatu - OG

    Trikatu - OG

    Trikatu - OG Learn More
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